Examples of Medical History Reports

The following examples show only the pertinent positive results in the report. (If an option to "Include negative answers" is checked, both negative and positive answers will show in the report.)

Examples of reports:

Preoperative- English

Preoperative- English- Spanish / ENGLISH - ESPAÑOL

Screening Colonoscopy- English- Spanish / ENGLISH - ESPAÑOL

Doctor's Office- English-Russian / ENGLISH - РУССКИЙ


- Complete list of questions and answers in our questionnaires can be found in Support > Questionnaires Q&A in the main menu.

- The report shows scores and risk indexes, a real convenience for medical personnel. (Scores and risks are shown only to registered users.)

- The report has an option to list only the pertinent positives, allowing medical personnel to go through a report faster.

- Personal Information page (demographics page) can be also printed at the end of the report for a patient to fill it out and sign.