Customized Automated Patient Histories, Screening and Forms

Telehealth Patient Engagement via Laptop, Tablet or Mobile

Calculated Risk Scores and Routing

Pairing Doctor and Patient Languages

Answer Driven Routing to Patient Instructions


Cross-cultural Patient Engagement That Dramatically Improves Your Workflow

Who are the users

  • Department Directors, Directors of Nursing, Administrative Directors, Nurses, Doctors
  • Patients

  • Medical offices, hospitals, dental and orthodontics offices
  • Medical tourism
  • Telehealth
Save time and money

  • The report has an option to list only the pertinent positives, allowing medical personnel to go through a report faster.
  • The report can be used to route a patient to different facilities depending on the patient's answers.
  • The report can be saved as a PDF which omits scanning paper.
  • In case of foreign language speaking patients, it can help reduce the time needed for the interpreter by getting answers to routine questions out of the way before starting an interpreter session.



  • Paper doesn’t allow for the questions to branch and go deeper into a subject. Therefore a doctor asks additional questions repeatedly from patient to patient. Unlike a paper form, a computer can branch the questions and go into considerable detail.
  • Questions branch based on gender, age, calculated formulas, and other factors.
  • The report can be used to route a patient to different facilities depending on the patient's answers.
  • Patients don't waste time on reading non-relevant questions. Doctors receive a more detailed report than they would receive on paper forms.


  • Our telehealth feature allows patients to complete their forms from any internet connected device and allows doctors to receive reports from patients in a PDF file or by FAX.
  • This can be helpful for traditional practices and for patients coming to preoperative areas as well as telehealth practices that assist patients remotely.
  • A packet of forms can be sent to a patient and received in advance of the appointment, allowing a doctor to get to know a patient’s history before the appointment.
  • Computers beat paper! Patients' answers may be more candid when queried by a computer.
  • The font size can be increased for patients with limited vision.
  • Our forms can operate on any device with a browser, e.g. desktop, laptop or a tablet.
  • A custom template with the logo of a medical facility and advertisements for services can be created by the department Administrator.
  • Use of default settings will speed up the process.
Increase efficiency
  • Risk indexes automatically calculated in the report. Enhance safety by incorporating risk indexes and alerts into the report!
  • A patient will not be able to skip a question without answering.
  • This helps to reduce errors in recording the patient's health history and medical personnel do not need to spend time asking about skipped questions.
Custom template
  • You can create and manage your own custom template by uploading your logo and banner ads.
  • Additional scores or risks indexes calculated for the report.
  • Routing rules applied for your forms.
  • We can create your own forms in languages of your choice.
Privacy and Security

  • Our patient forms do not collect identifiable patient data and all patient data transfers are encrypted.
International use

  • Our forms allow doctors and patients to choose their own languages. That is a big help for reducing misunderstandings and avoiding informed consent problems.